Day 7 – departure from Highgate

imageThis morning was tough. Tough to say goodbye to our friends and tough to leave the place that has been home for us this past week. The blow was lessened by the opportunity to visit Clomel Primary School after we left the CSI guesthouse. We had a chance to do the devotions for the kids and we decided to talk about Valentine’s Day and God’s love. It was so fun to see the kids’ smiles and sweet greetings. They sang several songs for us, too, including Jamaica’s national anthem.

We left Highgate and headed to the highway towards Montego Bay. We stopped at a botanical garden to scout out the area as a potential visiting spot for future teams. It was a beautiful place, full of lush plantings and flowering trees. We then moved on to the Falmouth area for a rafting trip down the Martha Brea river. The river was a stunning blue-green color with amazing patches of bamboo growing along the edges. The rafts were made of bamboo and we had wonderful “captains” who took us on an hour tour of the river. So peaceful and calming!image

We checked into the El Greco hotel in Mo Bay in the late afternoon and rested until dinner. We ate at The Sands restaurant right next to the beach and had a wonderful meal. We’ll probably spend a bit of time on the beach in the morning before heading to the airport and back to snowy, cold Indy. What a week it’s been … one we’ll never forget and hope to repeat very soon!

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