Life Change

Over the past few days, I have been in a beautiful country called Haiti. I have completely fallen in love with not only the country itself, but the people and culture as well. I have especially liked building relationships with the very loving Haitian people. Surprisingly, most of the people in Carocal speak basic English, making fellowship much easier. For those that don’t speak English, they have their friends interpret for them best they can. I have taught a number of people basic English, which I thought would be a challenge but turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. Never underestimate the power of hand gestures!

One of the things that has affected me most on this trip is the love that just radiates off of the Haitian people. It is beautiful. They have absolutely nothing, and live in one the poorest countries in the world, yet they know how to love and appreciate life better than any American ever could. Right now, the woman’s choir is singing in the church. I cannot fully understand what they are saying, but it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

Pierre captures our eye

Pierre captures our eye

Before my trip to Haiti, the thing I thought would be the most challenging thing is the language barrier. This has turned out to be not difficult at all. I think it is a beautiful thing that I can communicate with people that do not speak my language at all. As I said before, most people speak basic English, but I do not just want to have relationships with people who can speak English. I am continuing to find ways to communicate with the people who cannot speak English. I always knew… or thought that languages separated people. On this trip, I have really learned that languages are just different variations of sounds coming out of your mouth. I might not be able to deeply talk with every person here, but we all smile in the same language.

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