What is God’s Will in This?

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, we made a visit to the home of a woman (church member) who was very ill.  She had been in the hospital at Milot, but they released her when they could no longer help her.  Her family did not know why she was in so much pain and body functions were not working.  After talking with the family, we all laid hands on her and prayed.  We poured out prayer with confidence and authority, calling out for healing, comfort and God’s will.  After leaving we discussed plans for getting her to a larger hospital, and our concern for her acute condition.  Dr. Doug Pitts from TPCC happened to be in Cap Haitien on a separate mission effort, and made a compassion house call to Caracol.  He quickly determined from the hospital paperwork and the patient’s condition that cancer was the problem.  The other doctors knew this but never told the family.  Dr. Pitts gave her IV fluids and what he could to comfort her condition.  There is nothing more that can be done for her in Haiti.  I prayed for healing, but what is God’s will here? I don’t know, but I believe that God used our presence here this week bring comfort, compassion and an understanding of what they are up against.  God’s will be done.

Dr. Doug and Wife Julie

Dr. Doug and Wife Julie

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