True confessions

I admit it. I get defensive. When you consistently get the same reactions upon telling folks you are going on a mission trip – to Austria – it does that to you. We have a perception of the mission field as being primarily composed of third-world countries. Not so. Case in point: people in our own backyard need the saving message of the gospel and the US is one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

It takes a bit of explaining to understand the trip our little team is taking. Three of us have traveled from TPCC to Haus Edelweiss, the campus and base of TCM International Institute. While here, we will serve students from 11 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We’ll work alongside volunteers from elsewhere in Indiana, Michigan, Utah, California, and Arizona and the full-time TCM staff. More to come on exactly what we’ll do all day, but it won’t be twirling around the Alps or singing our way through Salzburg. (Can’t wait to learn more? Visit and read first hand about the mission of TCM)

At the end of our time here, the students we serve will return to their home countries (as will we) better equipped to serve our Lord and share the gospel. Countries where we as Americans do not know the language, do not know the culture, do not have ties to the people. But these students do and can go home and have an immediate impact. And, having served these students, fellowshipped with them, prayed for them, a little piece of us as volunteers will be going to their nation too. So I see this not as the “sissy” mission trip (even though we are blessed with lovely surroundings and facilities), but the super mission trip. Eleven countries – no jet lag, no language classes, no visa required. Eleven ripe mission fields. What an opportunity! Thanks for joining us.

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