After a few days of traveling and settling in, we are so happy to report we are working!! What does that mean on this trip? Well, for some of us today that meant making beds, dusting, and other preparations for students. For others it is moving washers and dryers out of several buildings in anticipation of new washers and dryers being delivered tomorrow. With 45 to 60 or more students coming to 9 sessions of class per year, plus one session of graduation, you can guess a lot of laundry gets done here at Haus Edelweiss! The current machines are very old and have been repaired many, many times. It is a blessing and answer to prayer to have new machines to use to better care for students while they are here. And finally some workers prepared food for today’s meals and meals we will have later this week. What a joy it is to serve.

The Austria mission trip is so different than other mission trips because you do have so many comforts of home and while you are in a foreign country, you don’t have the same culture shock because so much time is spent with other Americans preparing for students to arrive and then doing work after they leave. For some, this makes it a good introductory mission trip because it is not quite so overwhelming. But it can be very dangerous. Just as people in developed countries can lose sight of where their hope and provision lies, we can easily stray from our purpose and let distractions guide us. We can forget we are here to serve, not here to enjoy the view. Please pray that we would stay focused on mission, focused on service, and most importantly, focused on God while we are here (and beyond). Bless you all and thanks for following along!

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