What’s the story?

Despite the beautiful surroundings, don’t be fooled. We are working hard here in Austria. We go to bed each night with tired legs, tired backs, tired feet, but happy hearts. And this is all because of the students. The students are why we came, who we serve, and what motivates us on. Their humble gratitude is so inspiring.

Everyone has a story. There is Christian from Romania, who lost a child last year and could have lost his way, but stepped out in faith and has resolutely focused on finishing his TCM education so he can dedicate himself more fully to the Kingdom. He quit his job so he could devote more time to his studies and complete his degree. There is Brad from Czech Republic who left behind home and family to serve God and share the gospel. There is David from Romania who, together with his wife, desperately wants to start a family, but she has fought cancer and diabetes and may not be able to have children. So they wait to see what God’s plan is for them and meanwhile serve Him with joy and gladness among the youth of their church. There is Evgheni from Moldova who co-pastors a church with Serghei – serving the Lord in one of the poorest nations in Eastern Europe. There is Eszter from Hungary who just started working as a home health care aide because she knows this will help her practice compassion so that when she finishes her TCM education she is better equipped to go on the mission field. She wants to go evangelize to tribal people in whatever part of the world the Lord sends her to. There is Alexandr from central Asia where the Muslim religion is so dominant, but this is actually opening doors for him. There is Nimrod from Hungary who is a TCM student and a medical student and just wants to compassionately serve. Everyone has a story. These are just a few.

What is your story? What is God calling you to do? How is God calling you to serve? What will He inspire in someone else through you today?

Blessings to you all! Thanks for praying and following our journey!

One response to “What’s the story?

  • Myra

    Thanks so much for all you are doing in Austria! So touching to hear about such strong believers in Christ and the courage they show. Myra

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