Until We Meet Again

Being here at Haus Edelweiss, many say, is a little piece of heaven. Getting to fellowship and worship and spend time in prayer with brothers and sisters from so many nations and people groups gives us a small glimpse of what we will experience for an eternity in heaven. And this helps me make it through a day like today.

Today we say goodbye to the students, these friends we have made over the past week. We sent them off the way we welcomed them – with warm greetings and a time of prayer. It’s amazing how hard it is – we’ve known each other such a short time and some of us can’t even speak a common language, but we all share a love of Christ and this is a very strong bond. If you’ve served on a mission trip before, I’m sure you can relate – you might be exhausted, but you are having such an incredible experience and building such great relationships, it is very hard to see it end.

Praise God that we know it is just a temporary goodbye. Praise God that this parting is but a brief blink of an eye. Soon we will join our King in heaven and be reunited with all of our Christian brothers and sisters, those who live around the corner, and those who live around the globe. In the meantime we gather our tissues and smile through the tears at the fond memories we will treasure.

Tonight we had a lovely time of praise and prayer with the volunteers and staff. Tomorrow we will work very hard to clean all the student dormitory areas and get them ready for the next session, which starts later this month. Much to be done and only one day left!!

Please be praying for the students of TCMI. Pray for their families, their ministries, their countries, their churches. Pray for the Kingdom work to be done where they live and work. Pray that they would return home energized and ready to serve the Lord with even greater fervor. Many serve in very difficult situations and they covet our prayers for them. Thank you for your prayer support. It means so much.

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