Nicaragua – May 2014 – Day 3

We are all considered CHILDREN of God, but today was all about spending time with and loving on God’s literal children here in Nicaragua. NRN supports four schools locally and helps finds sponsors for those children whose families cannot afford to pay for their schooling. Several of us on this trip have begun sponsoring children, and I think we piqued the interest of many more in witnessing to these children today. We were given the opportunity to take some of the sponsor kids out for a fun-filled day at the zoo and then treat them to lunch. Each of us who already sponsor a child had the pleasure of meeting them and spending the afternoon with them; those who didn’t were paired with a child who one of our fellow TPCC young adults sponsors.

My husband and I chose a brother and sister to sponsor. As much as God has blessed us with the means to serve them and their family in terms of the monetary support, those children will never know how much they served us today. When we asked them what they like to do in their free time, one of the responses from both of them was that they like to read their Bible. My husband went on to ask them if they have a favorite book of the Bible, and the girl responded that Genesis was her favorite book. And the boy said his was Proverbs. These kids are only 10 and 11 years old and they already have a passion for learning more about Christ by getting to know Him through His word! It was so uplifting to hear that and challenged both of us to work harder at setting aside that time to spend in the Word EVERY day.

After dropping the kids back off at their schools, we came back to La Quinta and it started raining. PRAISE GOD!! One of our group members is a Zumba instructor so she cranked up the music and lead several of us in some Zumba dances in the rain. When reflecting on the day, one group member commented that she felt like that’s what heaven will be like — carefree joy and nonstop worship to God through his good creations, like singing and dancing.

The final part of our day was spent attending a service at our sister church lead by pastor Wilbur. We were energetically and whole-heartedly greeted upon arriving, with many hand shakes and hugs. The Spirit was palpable in that space! Even though many of us do not speak Spanish and could not understand the words for the worship songs, we all could feel the passion for Christ and the gratitude that all of the people there have for what God has provided us with. The potential for the language barrier to get in the way was a fear for many of us who have never done this before, but we have quickly learned how God’s love bridges that gap and that NO barrier should get in the way of us following God’s calling for ALL of us to reach ALL the people of the world with His word and His love! Our time there wrapped up with a tickle fight with the children of the church, which may have been one of the most fun parts of the day — not just for the children, but for us as well.

It was a day full of great memories, possibly most of all through receiving the great love the people of Nicaragua have for us. It is a glimpse of the Father’s love for all of us — undeserved and passionate — and a little glimpse of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Day 3 Picture 6

Group photo at the zoo with sponsored children from TPCC

Group photo at the zoo with sponsored children from TPCC

Day 3 Picture 7
Some of our young adults with their sponsored child.

Some of our young adults with their sponsored child.

Day 3 Picture 10
Our young adults helping to lead worship.

Our young adults helping to lead worship.

One response to “Nicaragua – May 2014 – Day 3

  • Susan Thompson

    Thank you for keeping us updated! We are praying for your team every day and night and will now pray for the doctor and clinic too! I love the pictures you paint with your words and could see Kathy in my mind with her beautiful smile and boundless joy leading you all in Zumba and wishing I was right there with you all! Praising God for what He has done and will do!!!

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