Nicaragua – May 2014 – Day 7

After an incredible week of service, community and life change, the Nicaragua team is back in the States today. Upon reflecting on the week during a layover in Atlanta, we each wrote about one way we were impacted by our experiences this week.

Kathy Woods
If I had to choose, I’d say what impacted me the most was visiting Tabernaculo Agua Viva school and seeing the joy and light all the teachers, administrators and staff fight to bring to that dark neighborhood and the huge impact a sponsor can have.

John Murray
The thing that impacted me the most was getting to know the people of Tabernaculo Agua Viva church. Their love for God and the boldness of their faith were truly inspiring, and it showed me a small glimpse of what God’s kingdom looks like.

Kyla McEntire
I was most impacted interviewing kids for sponsorship at TAV. Despite the hardships they encounter on a daily basis, their eyes have hope and I’m excited to sponsor a little girl and support her in her pursuit of education.

David Grimm
What impacted me the most was the passion that Dr. Karla has for the special needs kids and her faith that God will provide.

Sarah Lang
I was most touched this week by the amount of love that was showered on me. I always come to serve, but instead I am humbled by being served and loved beyond what I feel I deserve.

Olivia Hoeland
I was truly moved by the authenticity of the hearts that I met; people who I didn’t know or even speak as embraced me without a thought.

Konah Williams
I was most impacted by the joy and unconditional love that the people in Nicaragua displayed, despite their circumstances. They are the living example of 1 Thess. 5:16-28.

John McAslan
The difference between the Nicaragua church culture and the U.S. culture impacted me the most. The Nicaraguans at Tabernaculo Agua Viva church devote themselves to The Lord, His word, teaching, prayer, and spreading the Kingdom with a stronger passion and unity of spirit than I have ever witnessed before.

Chet (William) Stanley
I was most impacted by the door-to-door evangelism that we participated in with the church leaders from Tabernaculo Agua Viva. It showed me that it can really be done, especially with such passion and commitment to spreading the word of God.

Lindsey Moosey
I was amazed by the unconditional love that my brothers and sisters in Christ showed me.

Ashlee James
The Nicaraguans have showed me the true meaning of joy and love for Christ.

Jamie Steiner
The Nicas showed amazing courage and boldness in sharing the Gospel of Jesus in love.

Zach Thompson
I love seeing others experience Nicaragua for the first time and being transformed by the renewal of their minds.

Christina Pucci
What impacted me this trip was the spiritual courage and love of the Nicaraguans for The Lord and others. I found it very difficult to leave them, and I am already making plans to return within the next year.

Amy Rice
The trip opened my eyes to the beauty of different languages praising The Lord and how powerful it can be.

Cayla Tait
It was inspiring to be immersed in such a bold culture when it comes to showing Jesus’ love. I think in the United States, we underestimate the receptiveness of people to the Gospel message.

Sam Harmon
Our purpose in Christ is love, justice, mercy and faithfulness. This is what God has commanded us to do, to come and serve Him by serving His beloved children, His cherished creations.

Lynette Harker
I was most impacted by my sponsored girls and their mom. They had such joy and faith in spite of losing their home in the April earthquake, the mom losing her job due to illness, and extreme poverty.

Chris Brown
I loved sharing the Gospel with those that needed to hear it. When the Gospel is shared with the Spirit’s guidance, lives can be saved and transformed.

Hollie Ainley
My brothers and sisters in Nicaragua taught me many things this week, but one thing I can take away from them is to be bold and fearless in sharing Christ with others. I specifically was impacted by seeing this fearlessness and love for others in sharing the Gospel house-to-house with the community surrounding their church.

Brian Ainley
I was amazed by the boldness and passion of Pastor Wilbur and the other church members with sharing the Gospel in their community.

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