June 2014 Departure Eve

We have done all we can to be ready.  We are packed, luggage is weighed, and we started our malaria medication.  We have prayed, been prayed over and……..planned, planned, planned.

We have planned the Bible Study for the women of Caracol.  Planned the games and what crafts we can do for over 400 kids.  We have sponsor letters.  We bought food.  We prayed.

We found a lost passport (thank you, Lord!!), recovered from sickness, sprained an ankle, turned 16, had final exams, headed for camp at Purdue and buried a dear friend.  All in the last week.  We (at least I) have cried and been humbled by this appointment.  Who are we to go to Haiti?

Deanna Duke, Barb Janicki, Jacki Miller, Nancy Lee, Hannah Lee, Miranda Yoder, Elijah Yoder, Morgan Wilson and me…….that’s who!  9 people who said yes to God’s call to go— go to Haiti and show the face of Jesus.

I was in Haiti February 2013 and thinking it was “no big deal”.  My 7th trip.  Well, God never want us to be comfortable. If we are, we are usually not doing all we can to help increase His Kingdom and glorify Him.

That is how I find myself leading this team of 8 to the land of poverty and honestly, great love.  The land I have grown to love; love the people and especially the children of Caracol, Haiti.

This appointment humbles me beyond words.  Just so you know – I am the first female from TPCC to lead a team to Haiti.  I say this only because – I have said “NO” and “not yet” to God in the past.   I felt like a man needed to lead the team for safety sake or at least was using that for the excuse.   But our gracious and loving Lord equips the unequipped to do the unimaginable.  As I sit on the deck looking out at the splendor of His beauty in the back yard, I know again how amazing Our Lord is.  He goes before us, goes with us and follows us wherever He sends us.

I have stressed, worried, fretted that I was not enough.  Not enough to do this.  And honestly, I am not.  So each time Satan tells me that, I agree with him – and add but JESUS is!

So – here we go.  These blessed children of God – going to do whatever God wants us to do.  Love on the woman.  Play with the children.  Continue to build the relationships we have been so blessed with….in the name of Jesus!   Can I get an AMEN?!!

4 responses to “June 2014 Departure Eve

  • Kaleena

    Oh Becky, how I needed to hear this tonight…thank you for sharing your heart! Have a fabulous week in Haiti!! I know they will be blessed and your team will be too!

  • Kim White

    Sending my love and blessings!! Love on those sweet babies for me and I’ll be sending communications to our boy next trip when we can compile everything in time. Love your heart. You are a blessing!!!

  • Vince Parker

    Sister Beckie, you are a wonderful servant of our LORD Jesus Christ. I am so excited about what God will do with and through you and the team this week. I pray all of you have a week completely surrendered to Christ. Our love and prayers go with you.

  • julie pitts

    Beckie: I have not heard how the week is going but no news is always a good thing in Haiti. Praying for a blessed week. Go make a great day each day with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    xxoojulie and doug

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