A Day of Worship

Wow! What an amazing day. There is nothing I have experienced that is quite like the view here. Reading, praying, and listening while watching the sun rise over the water and the mountains is incredible. Allison even commented on how she didn’t realize you could see the coast from where we are. It seems like every day God reveals a little more of the beauty of His earth to us.

Today was also the first day really interacting with the local people. We started the day off at Bethel United Church. I have never sat through one church service as long as this one but I have also never been as moved as this one. It still hasn’t entirely sunk in. The people were so free when they sang, praised and worshipped. There were so many announcements that I just have to thank God that theses people are so involved and invested in their church body and their community. Having Dave preach and the dancers worship was amazing as it was mixed in with so many Jamaican worship songs and the diversity of their culture.

Later in the afternoon we wend to the children’s home and go to hang out with the kids there. The dance team got to teach all of us a dance which made for an amazing time of moving, laughing at ourselves, and building relationships with the kids. Afterwards, we went to another local church who was putting on a concert. The worship team performed with so many talented other people from other churches. It reemphasized our theme of the body of Christ that we have chosen to focus on for the week.

I spent this past year in college, I cannot count the number of times I have gotten pushback about Christians being on mission in other countries. The most common issue is that many people believe we go into these communities and try to change them to be more like us. After experiencing this church diversity of God’s people worshipping and committing there lives freely to The Lord. It’s not about changing people. Its about proclaiming the one name worthy of all honor and glory. We appreciate all of the prayers and continued support for our team. We could not be here without the church.Image




2 responses to “A Day of Worship

  • kaicey everly

    So great to hear about your team! I’ve been stalking the blog site! Glad you had a great time at church, pringle, and the concert! I was happy to hear you were able to make it! cant wait to see more pictures and video of your trip!

  • Gail Moffitt

    I love the whole worshiping together not just being a part of the worship service but really worshiping our one God together in Spirit and Truth! So awesome.

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