First Days In Haiti

It’s Monday afternoon and we have returned from Roche Plate and the mountain church. We went to visit Pastor Kenth and deliver letters to ten sponsored children. When the church gates opened we were greeted by around three hundred smiling, exuberant children awaiting our arrival. Surprise is an understatement. But God provided us Gandi to lead the children in some singing and Jackie came through with a skit idea, presented with interpretation from Gandi. It was a success. A highlight for all was the singing of Happy Birthday to Jackie in Creole by the three hundred plus beautiful Hatian children. God gave her this special birthday gift. How many people can say they’ve been sung to by such a large number in a language not their own?

Bugspray and sunscreen have become our best friends. We are grateful for both. Sunday included a morning and evening church service, one here at the mission, the evening one at the church by the tree in a beautiful brand new building. Although the language is different, the service follows a familiar pattern, making me feel right at home, especially when the evening service ended with the singing of “How Great Thou Art”, all verses sung loudly and with passion.
Everyday is filled with God’s miracles, gifts, protection and provision for us at every turn. We are grateful for your prayers.

By Barb

One response to “First Days In Haiti

  • Lisa Pastotnik

    What a beautiful birthday celebration for a beautiful lady! The skit sounds like a big hit too! Praying for all of you!!

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