A Day Full of His Presence

Today we had a very fun and full day here in Jamaica! We started off with our morning devotion which was led by Ally. She reminded us about the magnitude of God, and the power of His presence. Afterward we had breakfast, and went back out to work on RAISE. It was an incredibly hot day, and there was not any cloud coverage. Today’s work consisted of hauling rocks, dirt, and cement up a hill to get it to the goat pen. We have been building structures to separate the goats more efficiently. It was very hard physical work, but we all had such joyous hearts and a willingness to work as hard as we could. This was the first time that everyone down on RAISE worked together on one project. It was amazing to see the team become unified and working toward a common goal. Afterward we came inside for lunch, then split up into our afternoon jobs. Dave and Kaleena got to be a part of Pastor Training for the second day, while the rest of the group either went back down to RAISE or went to a primary school for a dance class. At the dance class, April led a group of mostly ninth grade boys. After some encouragement and leadership from Michael and Ryan, the boys got engaged in the dance and had a successful class. After we left the primary school, we went back to the high school where the dance class was held yesterday. They were having a dance rehearsal and asked for the dance girls to give them some tips and critique the dance they had prepared. The high school girls took in so much of the information they were taught, and they were so energetic and willing to learn. At the end of the rehearsal, about five of the high school girls sang a song for us, which was such a blessing. We came home to some delicious jerk chicken, then went to a small church for VBS. Our whole team got to sing songs, do a devotion, and do crafts with the children. They were so full of life and had so much love to give to us! It was definitely the highlight of the day for many people on our team. We arrived home tired and incredibly happy. I cannot wait for tomorrow, but I’m incredibly sad that it’s our last full day at the house!

Serving Him,




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