Nicaragua Special Needs Mission Trip Day 5

After a great breakfast the whole crew left La Quinta early to head out to Los Brasilles to the church service for the students with special needs. We had a great turn out of families, with lots of students involved. The service started out with many worship songs and then Theresa led a talk with the students to help them understand how to grow in Christ as one body. After Theresa’s speech, there were a few Nicaraguan dancers from the special needs program which had a couple dances they had prepared to share with us. They were absolutely wonderful and you could definitely tell that they were doing it all through and for the Lord. At the end, Dr. Karla gave a touching testimony about a girl from Rey Salomon that was in need of a surgery that would have cost 6 million cordobas. Luckily, God has done truly remarkable things in her life. All of the students and their families gathered up front with the pastor at the end as he led them in a prayer time and our group from Traders Point had the opportunity to go up and pray alongside of them.

The teacher appreciation lunch was much smaller in scale than at the other school, but it was also a lot less hurried. A devotional prepared by the teachers on our team encouraged the teachers at the lunch because these women and men don’t always get recognized as much as they should. We all made flip-flops together and enjoyed a much needed breeze from the rain outside. God has truly picked some amazing teachers to educate these children with special needs. It is especially impressive to know that these teachers could go to another school and be paid more but every teacher chooses to work in these faith-centered schools.

Finishing up our afternoon we passed out bags of essential food items to some of the families in the area. Not only did we get to bring them food, but we were also invited into their homes for a time to visit and to pray over their families. Getting to partake in food distribution has been one of the most humbling experiences here. It means so much to all of the families involved. We are glad we can bless them with a gift like this and pray that they use the nourishment to spread God’s glory.

Please be praying for continued health and healing as our team embarks on a rather long day tomorrow. Also we have been asked by Dr. Karla to pray for an opening ceremony for the clinic that is free of rain!


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