God provides

ImageImageWe got home safely!  God has provided in many ways on this trip.  Sometimes it was a result of specific answered prayers.  Sometimes it was before we even knew what we needed.  But it all brings glory to His name, and He has increased our faith over the last few weeks.

Psalms 143:11 For the Glory of your name, O Lord, preserve my life.  Because of your faithfulness, bring me out of this distress.

From a lost (and then found) passport, to a sprained ankle that healed enough in time for the trip, we were seeing answered prayers before we even left.  Having to spend the night in Florida on the way, was a welcome rest on the way there and gave us a chance to meet several people who were from or who had been to Haiti.

On Monday, for the trip to Roche Platte, and the surprise of 300 kids, we were able to provide a small program.  Because an interpreter who can sing and entertain kids just happened to come along when he wasn’t thought to be needed.  And because a David and Goliath skit/story was ready to go from a previous mission trip prepared by a person who did it when no one else wanted to and normally isn’t teaching in kids ministry.

We had extra thread for friendship bracelets for the girls at the orphanage, and just the right coverage for leading Bible study without having to rearrange small groups when someone was sick.

And we made all our flight connections despite a late flight out of Haiti!

So no matter what came up or what task we had before us, we knew God had everything taken care of, and all we had to do was pray to focus our hearts on him.

And we had the Haitian women’s strong faith as a beautiful example!

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