Nica Day 1/2

Day 1
Yesterday was a great start to an amazing journey here in Nicaragua, which consisted of an 8 hour flight with some great new faces. When we arrived here in Nicaragua we embarked on a culturally shocking drive to La Quinta Primavera. Our focus for this week is to meet and fellowship with kids and adults with the hope of bringing them closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Day 2
Today was another beautiful day here in Nicaragua, which started with a invigorating mist in the air, and some amazing oatmeal cake prepared by the one and only Juanita. Then we departed on a drive to the church of Ciudad Sandino where we got the chance to converge and pray for the people in the community by the church. After a couple of tear jerking hours we made our way to Hallie’s place where we got the chance to get beat in a game of fúbol (soccer) by the Nicaragua kids. After soccer we went back to La Quinta, ate dinner, and made our way back to the church of Ciudad Sandino. when we reached the church we took part in a night of teaching by David Cupp and also a night of worship which involved crazy hand motions. In teaching David covered that being anxious is not something we are called to do, we are called to be patience and believe that God is with us through everything. Finally we wrapped up the night by giving out bag loads of candy to the children and fellowshipping with the people of the church. our goal of coming here to Nicaragua is to put our needs aside and put the nicaraguan amigos needs before our own “necessities”, and i think that as americans we fall in to the trap called “needs” which is really just wants. Here in Nicaragua there are legitimate needs that are not met such as water, food, and shelter. And our plan for this week is to hopefully find those necessities and meet as many of those necessities as possible.
By:Ben Wilson

3 responses to “Nica Day 1/2

  • Toni Kanzler

    Thanks for the update Ben. So many of your group know Managua so I know that God will provide tons of opportunities to share about Jesus in word and deed. Stay cool and hydrated and tell Ethan to call Monday night 🙂

  • Julie Grice

    Great post, Ben – thank you!

  • Lynette Harker

    Praying for all of you and for the wonderful people you will be working with!

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