Nica Day 3

Another eventful day here in Nicaragua! Our team started off today with a time of worship and devotion out on the front porch. After breakfast, we headed off to church at Ciudad Sandino to lead their service. After an hour of amazing worship music in all spanish we broke into two groups for the kids and adults. For the adults we had a teaching session and small group time. I was honored to lead the teaching today where we discussed how Christ is enough amidst our struggles in life. In the small group time our team was really able to dive deep into the lives of our Nica friends, hear their hearts for Christ, share our burdens together, and pray as a family in Christ. The Sunday School wasn’t filled with your typical Sunday school activities. It was filled with teaching each other songs in different languages, making Jesus bracelets, playing pato, pato, ganso (duck, duck, goose), and coloring. We have a team filled with a variety of gifts and passions and this allows us to serve more fully as the body of Christ. At the end of the church service we filled two piñatas with tons of candy, hung them from the ceiling, and the kids went crazy destroying the piñatas and scrambling for loose candy. All in all, we got to spend a great morning with our Nica brothers and sisters!
In the afternoon we headed to a local Managua market to embark on a cultural experience. We spent our afternoon navigating a wide variety of local shops, avoided accepting “free” you need to pay cornhusk grasshoppers, and bargaining with local shop keeps. After our market experience we came home and had cultural training to grow our roots deeper in the Nicaraguan culture. To wind down our evening we spent time preparing for our sports camp tomorrow. Aired up over twenty basketballs, packed all of soccer balls, along with an insane amount of candy. We are ready to show tons of kids the love of Jesus through our sports camp tomorrow!

By: Tyler Perrott

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