Orientation at Bondeni

Today we ventured to the slum of Bondeni where we were met with a roller coaster of emotions. The thing about Africa, is you see sad commercials about it on tv, you hear about others experiences, but you will never know what it’s truly like until you experience it on a personal level. It’s an experience like none we’ve ever imagined. All five senses God blessed us with were put to use today each in its own unique way.

We were dropped off by Lower Bondeni (a tin small structure housing MOHI preschoolers and kindergartners). We walked up to the Upper Bondeni campus where we were greeted by the songs of children ringing into our ears, “WELCOME TO BONDENI, WE LOOOVE YOU!” The chalkboard moved us with a pleasurable greeting of love to Traders Point.


We then walked the community and it was overwhelming to our senses.
Touch by physically being able to touch and play with kids. The smell of sewage that crowds the streets. The judgmental stares or smiles from the locals. The taste of new foods we wouldn’t typically branch out to back home. Most of all the sights of Bondeni; garbage in the streets, children who are perfectly happy playing in sewage, drunk men passed out along the road, and so much more.

As you walk down the street in Bondeni, children run behind yelling the only English phrase they know; “HOW ARE YOU?!” and when you return the question, you receive blank stares. Some small children are afraid of getting close to you as a Mzungu (white person). It is difficult to process this range of emotions.

Tonight we got the privilege to dine at the home of Mary and Wallace Kamau who are the founders of Missions of Hope International. We met their family, and shared experiences. Tomorrow we head back to Bondeni to hand out children’s sponsorship gifts while the teachers will go to Joska to fellowship and learn with middle and high school teachers.

Until next time,
Los Tres Amigos
(Helen, Christine, and Madison)

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