Nica Day 5

Hello and welcome back to day 5 of our nicaraguan adventure. To start off the day we heard a moving devotion from the one and only Marvin Logan, he talked about how we are on the “home stretch” so to speak since this morning was our half way point, we discussed our real reasons of being on this trip, and our expectations before coming. After morning devotions half of us headed to pastor wilbers house, where we got utilize our skills of laying concrete. As this was going on the other half of our group headed to a special needs clinic where they painted the walls blue, green, and yellow. After a long day of working hard we all had battle scars consisting of blisters, tribal painting, and concrete coatings on all of our legs. Today was a true testament on what God has called us to do here in Nicaragua, we put our over arching purpose so we could satisfy the needs of the nicaraguan people. Tomorrow is our sponsorship day, we get to take our sponsor kids to the nicaraguan zoo. The team is excited to meet the kids!

By: Ben Wilson

One response to “Nica Day 5

  • tinarae229

    It is awesome to hear about all the amazing experiences! Makes me miss it! Love to hear how God is using you and even helping you to grow within yourself! Be safe, love the experience to its fullest and continue making a
    difference!! Praying always!

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