Last Day in Nairobi

Well, we’ve come to the end of the Nairobi mission part of the trip. We went to the school and worked with the older aged children’s teachers at Bondeni this morning/after lunch. Listened to their troubles and concerns as we had with the other teachers. Many the same as before but also a problem of attendance – moving in and out of the slums. Exactly the same as we have. Even had some trouble locating some of the students for the gift presentation throughout the week because some of them just disappear. Others will be followed up during the coming weeks. While working with these 5th and 6th grade teachers we again let them explore some of the things we had for them and then helped them think about creative ways to use them in the classroom. Finally, we talked about moving from just rote recall to application – again the same problem that we have. They were surprised that we didn’t have all the answers but that we just work like they do every day to try to help the students learn.

While we were working with the teachers, Kristi had done a chalk drawing for the upper school and other team members had “taken the light” into several homes of students. (Local workers cut a small skylight into the steel roof and cover it with Plexiglas while the team members present the message of the light of the Gospel to the residents of the home.)

We then all went down to the lower school where Kristi again did a chalk drawing, and then we had the closing ceremony. Many of the classes performed traditional songs and dances for us. Several of them included audience dancing as well and we were all quit excited and feeling disappointed that the time was coming to an end. Joel – a team member had a sponsored student there who was having a birthday so a cake was presented and it was shared with many students as well as us. (It is amazing how many can share in a celebration.)

Then another Kenyan tradition was told to us that a guest couldn’t leave the village without being presented with something to take with them. Suddenly another cake appeared that was sliced into many pieces with with leader Seth and “Momma” (wife, Kristi) feeding each other and then presenting it to us to share with all. (I could not avoid comparing it to communion – because it was being done through the love of Jesus.) Again the tables were whisked aside and the drummer started – the students began to sing being lead by the teachers and many students came immediately in front of each us holding out their hand in insisting invitation to join them in celebratory dancing. After a while, suddenly each of us had our shoulders covered with traditional cloth as a special gift of remembrance. Slowly the dancing stopped and the final farewells were said through many tear filled eyes.

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