Ireland, Dromoland Castle and Country Club

God is working in the nation of Ireland using golf and experienced golfers to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The nation has been struggling with Sectarianism for many years.  The heavily enriched Catholic heritage in the North has been persecuted from the Protestant movement.  Golf is something that the entire nation relates to and it could be a potential bridge that links this gap.

Our team this year once again conducted a clinic with approx. 70 kids from 8-16 years old.  We created and built upon several relationships with the kids from the previous years.  We also have a playing competition with competitive members each day after the camp.  These relationships were cemented for life and some for an eternity!

The progression this year from previous years was:

1)Bible studies each morning with the Head Pro who accepted Christ last year and his daughter

2)We led prayer for the entire group before each meal, which we were asked to by them

3)One on one conversations about who Jesus is were common this year

4)The mixture of our group into theirs.  We hung out each night including bowling, go cart racing, video games, etc…

I am excited for this trip and the possibility of building new team members each year!

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