Kwaheri Kenya*

As our time in Bondeni has ended and we have journeyed to begin our Safari, we want to give God a “wow” and it definitely needs to be a “kiss wow”!


As we think back on our week with these beautiful Kenyan people, words cannot capture the joy we feel inside. It is amazing the amount of love we feel for our brothers and sisters in Christ after spending just one week with them. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye yesterday. During the week many of us got to spend time with our sponsored children and hug them and tell them tell them in person how much we love them.


We even got to celebrate Jane’s (Joel’s sponsored child) birthday with the staff, teachers, students and social workers.


The Kenyan people of MOHI are so spiritually rich, we were so blessed by our time with them. They showed us what it truly meant to evangelize to others and we were graciously given the opportunity to participate with them in home visits and see people declare Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We are forever changed.


As we begin to process all the emotions of this last week, we now get the chance to see God’s glory through his creation. We saw a family of elephants cross the road in front of us. We saw lions, zebras, hyenas and yes even a leopard!


This day has been special for so many reasons, one of which has been that we got to celebrate our leader, Seth Thomas’ birthday. We are so grateful for his wisdom and leadership on this trip and for all he has done for us. And so in true Kenyan style we celebrated his birthday by pouring a cup of water on his head.


Happy Birthday Seth!

With much love,
Your July 2014 Kenya team

*This blog was written on 7/22 on safari in Kenya, but not posted until after the team has returned.

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