Nicaragua – August 2014 – Day 3

Our day started off on the porch as usual.  David Cupp gave us a fabulous devotional!  We spent most of the day at the new Clinic! We got a tour of the facility by Dr. Karla herself and this was so informative. We had the pleasure and great blessing of sharing a meal with the staff. We spent about 2 hours just in conversation learning about the staff, and the goals, hopes and dreams they all have for the clinic.  We also discussed the projects and needs for the clinic. This is truly an amazing team of people. All of them Christians and felt totally called by God to be there. Too many exciting things to share on one blog!

In the afternoon the ladies prepared for the following day.  Rod, Mark, David and Paul are busy this evening doing the  mens BILD program with several pastors and Elders at Pastor Wilbur’s church.

Nicaragua Clinic Staff

From left to right (Back)t:
Patricia-assistant to Dr Karla, Maria-Pediatrician, Dr. Karla, Marta-Nurse -Coordinator, Jamil-Assistant-Front Desk,

From left to right (Front):  Jordy-Pharmacy, Jakeline-Physical Therapist

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