Day 1 – Serbia

We arrived in Serbia! We progressed easily through immigration and we were happy to see all of the luggage and supply tubs on the baggage carousel. As we walked through customs, Dianne and I were stopped. I discretely motioned the rest of our team to continue on so they would not be stopped as well. Our luggage cart had most of the camp supplies. The custom’s official cut the ties and opened the tubs. He began taking everything out. The tub I was standing by was full of craft supplies. He asked me what the plastic containers held and I said “beads.” He then saw the string and asked me what I was going to do with the beads and string, I replied “make bracelets.” The look on his face said it all.  As they took everything out of the tubs I wondered what we would do if they confiscated all of our supplies. They looked it over and told us we could take our things and go.

Bojan met us at the airport, we also met Andy Pedlow from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Rosie Bertles a team leader from Indiana. We loaded all of our supplies and ourselves into the van and drove to Backa Topola. Our first impression was a surprise, Serbia is like Indiana. It is flat, there were fields of corn, and it was hot and humid. Steve Brown, Josiah Venture, met us at the church. For the weekend we are staying in a hostel so we dropped our bags there and went out to eat. We realized quickly that we are going to eat well. We had a large platter of meat and fries, salad, and bread. We returned to the hostel, showered, and went to bed.

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