Days 11 & 12 – Serbia

We had a nice breakfast, then went to the train station. We were surprised and happy to see many of our students there to see us off. Pulling out of the station and waving goodbye was harder than any of us had anticipated but we resolved we would return next year and reconnect with these new friends. The train ride was an adventure and Steve Brown met us at the hostel. The hostel is very nice and in a quaint area of the older part of Belgrade. Belgrade is a large city with traffic, lots of restaurants, stores, and people. We have enjoyed our time in Backa Topola so the big city was a little overwhelming.

The highlights of Belgrade were gelato, sightseeing, buying souvenirs, and dinners. Our most memorable experience was our debriefing as each of us shared about the week and about each other. It was an encouraging time. Each day there were more goodbyes as individuals either left to go home, of moved on to their next ministry assignment. We enjoyed our last night in Belgrade and realized this time we had anticipated for so long had come and gone. Tomorrow we fly back to the U.S. We will be glad to be home, but we are leaving a large part of our hearts here in Serbia. See you next year!

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