September 2014 Kenya — A Synthesis.

Combining information.  Synthesizing experience. Pictures from everyone can be helpful because we’re not all seeing the exact same things, but each of us on this trip are individuals and have backgrounds that affect how we interpret what we are seeing, what we are hearing, and what we are feeling. Video can help accomplish this as well, although the interpretation by the viewer will differ from the videographer.  I believe this is at least true in our situation, being in Africa while our friends and families have the harder job of staying stateside. Spoiler alert: There are no pictures or videos on this post.

Generally speaking, people are intimidated when it comes to blogging, mostly because of the sociological and technological burdens that come along with both the action and idea—ensuring there are enough posts that are appearing frequently enough, coming up with an idea of what to blog about and then developing the content, working through the process of logging into the admin section of the blog and not messing anything else up, etc. Even I had reservations about being the blogger.

Daily, at least for the remainder of my time on this trip (I’m in the early departure group), five to six team members will receive one of five 3.5” X 5” notecards with a topic on it and write their response, not to exceed the space on the note card–the idea is to keep the burden light for all involved. The people will change so that [hopefully] everyone is represented. A couple of the questions will change day to day. Additional postings/updates may come completely from other individuals as well. We recognize that our friends and families at home are eager to hear how things are going!


Without further adue: 

How does it feel to be back; what are you looking forward to? by Laura Colvin
This is my fourth trip to Kenya. I can’t believe it. Most people get coming the first time, but why come back? Today, when the bus pulled up to the church and I saw the faces of the children—that is why I come back. I felt like I was home. 

Our motto this trip has been, “More of Jesus and less of me until Jesus is all they see.” So, I am looking for this Jesus. The one who John the Baptist said, “…the strap of whose sandals I am not worth to stoop down and untie.”

What has challenged you most so far? by Tandi Foster
My biggest challenge so far has been the long travel time. The airports were stressful and the flights were long and restless. Since arriving at the Grace House (our lodging for the week), I have felt calm and peaceful. The people of Bondeni were welcoming, open, friendly, and appreciative. The children’s smiles made me feel right at home. The best part is…this is only the beginning. 🙂

What were you not expecting? by Min Qi
I did not expect to sit next to someone completely inebriated in church; see people washing clothes in streams of water filled with sewage; to eat three full meals daily; and be so connected to the outside world while in Kenya. 

What is a “take away” for today? by Sherri and Dan Crabb
Sherri: The children were happy and engaging, friendly and curious. The adults were slower to engage, but friendly once conversation started. This is opposite in America—kids are shy with newcomers.

Dan: The people are happy, welcoming, kind, and happy with what they have. Family is important as well as relationships.

Describe a quality of another team member. by Sandy Lanning
I have been so amazed by the awesome team that we have here. Two people stand out to me today. One is Min…she is a rock star with her ability to make others feel special and her absolute love for people. She makes friends with everyone and all the locals are drawn to her. The other person is Olivia…what a servant’s heart! No one is a stranger to her and her ability to be honest and open make her truly special. Both of these young women are being used mightily of God.



These questions were developed after coming up with my own answer first (Jeopardy style). I suppose you and I will need to go for chai sometime to get my perspective on this round…


With Christ’s love,


One response to “September 2014 Kenya — A Synthesis.

  • Tim and Debbie Griffith

    We really do enjoy hearing and seeing through all of your eyes how our God is working in so many hearts! Thank you for all you are doing to bring honor to Him! We are praying!

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