Haiti Oct 17-25 /Day1

17 October 2014

Day 1- Caracol, Haiti

As we stepped off the airplane onto the tarmac in Caphatian, Haiti, we were greeted with warm air, blue skies and sunshine – not the sweltering heat we expected (a welcome surprise).
After clearing customs, we were met by Pastor Payot who led us to our ‘chariot’. We climbed a make shift ladder to board the open air cargo truck (our chariot). We headed to lunch then on to the Caracol Mission House.

During lunch, the more adventurous of us tried the grilled goat and plantains, while others stuck with traditional BBQ chicken. Perhaps they will brave some of the local cuisine before we leave.
Our driver, Tinel, not only navigated the roads but guarded our belongings as we enjoyed our leisurely meal.

Standing in the back of the truck proved to be the best way to enjoy the ocean breeze and see the sights of both Caphatian and Caracol. Our leader, Mark, pointed out the sugar cane fields, mango trees, and other indigenous fruits and plants unrecognizable to city folk like me. Mark also pointed out the many improvements made in just two years from his last visit, paved roads, new colorful housing sub-divisions, cleared land and a university. We moved at a surprisingly fast pace along the new roads. We did have the occasional family seated on a motorcycle pass us on the right. Hopefully, they are aware of the speed bumps. (Yes, speed bumps in Haiti!)

Finally, we arrived at the mission house! Now the work began. After unpacking and organizing the supplies, we were ready for a nice cool drink of water. Our refreshing drink was momentarily delayed due to the purification test being negative. After a second bottle for the water cooler also tested negative, some of us (okay me) became briefly concerned. I reminded myself that we are here on a mission and God would surely provide. Those in the group who are seasoned Haiti travelers, knew how to treat the water with bleach. Within minutes, Voila!- drinkable water!

We now settle down for the evening to start our devotion and relax. Already the day had been exciting and we cannot wait to see what Day 2 has to offer.

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