Haiti 17-25 Oct 2014 / Day 3

As the morning church service began, the song ‘Near the Cross’ was recognizable despite being sung in Creole. We admired the children dressed in their Sunday finery as they filed in for Sunday School.

Although the service was in Creole, the Holy Spirit transcends all language barriers. Pastor Ernest was quite animated while delivering his message. I smiled as he threw punches in the air, thinking he might be speaking metaphorically of fighting the devil. I sang along to ‘Amazing Grace’, recognizable in any language.

After the morning service we served lunch to the entire congregation. Plates of food were passed along the human conveyor belt until every child and adult had eaten.

Later in the evening, we attended another church service. This service was held at a newly built church, known as “The Church by the Tree”. Ironically, the huge tree that was next to the church was known for voodoo ceremonies. It appears that God refused to have his house desecrated, as lightening struck the tree and burned it to the ground. The sermon this evening was given by Pastor Payot and again the Holy Spirit was present in Creole and English.

After a wonderful dinner of beef stew prepared by Pastor Payot’s wife, Shongela, we settled down for our nightly devotion and rest.

One response to “Haiti 17-25 Oct 2014 / Day 3

  • Nicaragua Team

    So glad that you all made it safely and that God is using your time there to work through and in each of you! Praying for you all. :>)

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