Haiti 17-25 Oct 2014 / Day 4

Today was a great day. Mark can finally relax as his daughter Lindsay arrived safe and sound. We made headway in several areas. God is truly good! Three computers were installed in the media lab allowing the church to have internet access. Get ready Pastor Payot, you shall soon be friended by numerous persons residing in the Indianapolis area!

We experienced our own miracle today. Gerald and Pastor Payot went into Caphatian to purchase a pump for the ‘Farming God’s Way’ project. Unable to locate the proper type of pump, we thought the project would be delayed. Upon returning, to the mission compound, a pump was found in one of the buildings! We know that God provided this pump to further His plan for Haiti.

Later in the evening, The team conducted a Leadership training with church and CHE members. Mark’s exuberance during the training was the equivalent of the energizer bunny on caffeine! After rearranging the pews and taping charts on the wall, we were all encouraged (threatened) to participate lest we be there all night. His point came across loud and clear in both English and Creole. The training was a success, as church members learned how to better assist their Pastor. When asked how can they travel to other nations to be Disciples, Mark explained they can be Disciples here in Haiti (or at least Santo Domingo).

All in all, it was a fun (and long) evening, but worth it!

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