Haiti 17-25 Oct 14 / Day 5

Pastor Kenth (Pastor Payot’s brother) met us bright and early this morning to take us to Roache Plate. There is so much need and desperation there, the experience tugged at our heart strings. When we arrived, we discovered the children had no food for lunch. God provided, and funds were given to purchase food for the short term while a long term solution is being sought.

The girls’ hair, adorned with multiple blue ribbons, matched the light blue tops and gray bottoms of the school uniforms. They were eager to interact with us as we passed out tooth paste and tooth brushes.

Chatting with the teachers, we recognized the pride and honor they possess regarding their vocation. Several stated they had mentors when they were students, who encouraged them to become teachers. These teachers feel the same responsibility to inspire the youngsters who are now in charge.

We sampled a cocoa pod from a tree on the grounds. The sweet outer coating covered the bitter chocolate contained inside. We also bought ‘Baptist’ mangos which Pastor Kenth insists are better than the mangos in Caracol. I think we need to sample many more from both regions before we can decide.

Later in the evening, back in Caracol, we held another training session for church member and CHE members. This training was led by Penny, (with much coaching from Mark). Attendees were given lessons, based on scripture, in regards to discernment and using their various talents to further their business ventures. The training went well and we all learned the difference between natural talents and Spiritual gifts.

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