Haiti 17-25 Oct 2014 / Day 7

According to our schedule, today is a day of rest. It is a misnomer, for today we must finish all of our projects.

Gerald, Steve, Penny and Waldy headed for the farm. Curt is putting the finishing touches on the media lab. Lindsay and John head off for the orphanage and must finish preparations for the children’s Bible study and movie night. Mark is finalizing all the reports for the CHE training and business meetings.

We’re all feeling a bit of urgency as this is our last work day and we are intent on accomplishing our goals.

At the farm, we prayed over the land before clearing two plots for the ‘Farming God’s Way’ concept. Jean Renee, Aly, and several others were also there and eager to learn. We measured out the rows for the corn and spacing for the seed. After getting ten rows and approximately 750 seeds planted, we headed for the next plot to repeat the process for the beans. As we prepared to gather brush for mulch, the farmers surprised us. They brought out bags of soft sugar can mulch. It’s sweet fragrance smelled of anything but mulch. Being a city girl, I’ve not had many opportunities to smell fresh hay, but the sugar can mulch reminded me of the smell of freshly cut hay, only better.

Sweaty, dirty and tired, we returned to the Mission house. Curt, also hot and sweaty (no a/c or fans in the media lab) had all three computers up and running. Curt mentioned the various programs installed. I would love to tell you more about the systems, however this is just as foreign to my tech-challenged mind as the Creole spoken here in Haiti.

Mark is now prepared for his final CHE meeting tonight and Lindsay has started on the 200 bags of popcorn needed for movie night.

Watson (one of the local workers) sped off on his bicycle through the village street to remind the children of tonight’s Bible study and movie. We thought of the Creole version of the town crier announcing “Hear ye, Hear ye!”

Row upon row of children filed in for Bible study. Lindsay and John spoke of the Creation from the book of Genesis in addition to John 3:16. The children raised their hands hoping to be called on.

After a rousing sing-a-long by Pedrine (Pastor Payot’s daughter), we were now ready to view the French version of ‘Frozen’. Young girls clamored around Lindsay and Penny seeking a small portion of their laps to sit upon.

We finish with a very late dinner tonight, but grateful for God’s grace in allowing us to accomplish our goals.

After a rousinf sin

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