Nicaragua – March 2015 – Day 2

Once again, we started strong this morning, dividing into 3 teams and headed in 3 directions.  Rod, Stanley and Jeff spent the morning with Dr. Karla at the clinic seeing some patients, and advising as possible.

Kim S, Lori, Hannah, Carlene and Kim B spent a couple hours at Rey Solomon distributing sponsor gifts.  With a smaller group of kids, and more folks to help, we were actually able to take time with each student, asking about their family, their Holy week plans, and their schooling.  Israel and Aaron were both real blessings in those conversations.

The remainder of the team was in Ciudad Sandino distributing food bags and spending time with Wilber and Meritza.

We see God in so many of the details here, its difficult to even capture them all.  One small example happened this morning at the Clinic when a mother brought in her special needs child who happened to be Dotty’s sponsor child.  She was able to pray with the mom, and the child in a very sweet moment.  There are no lucky circumstances in God’s world – He plans it all for His glory.  We just need to listen and be faithful to his calling.

Thanks to all our family and friends who supported us in the planning of this trip, and are carrying on with everyday life while we are here.  We love you and miss you, but are so grateful for you.

At the Special Needs Clinic

At the Special Needs Clinic

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