Reflections on the week

What has impacted you the most this week??

The joy and laughter of children is very contagious. – Chet

Sponsoring a college student has changed my life. -Taylor

Through all of the struggles and hardships they have gone through, the Nicaraguans have the strongest faith I have ever witnessed. -Jessica

Not only starting new relationships with Nicaraguans, but strengthening existing relationships. -John

Even in the midst of extreme poverty, a 5 year old Nicaraguan boy brought me a glass of cold water….and I thought I came here to serve them.  -Zack Flohr

Continuing to build relaionships and seeing the change that is happening in the country due to those relationships is what keeps me coming back! – Zach Thompson

It has been inspiring to see the deep faith of all of my brothers and sisters in Christ.  So many stories of persevering through hardships both from my Nica friends and my US friends.
– Jackie Flohr

It has been very inspiring to see how God has been able to work through people within their community despite their circumstances. Seeing how people do not ever give up is so inspiring to me! Having the chance to see how our relationships impact others has impacted me. -Morgan West

Having the opportunity to sponsor a college student -Christina Pucci

Pouring myself into my family here in Nicaragua…..I have never felt more full. -Sam Harmon

Having the chance to meet and get to know my sponsor child! 🙂 -Caitlyn Alvar

Watching God’s love create relationships with the Nicaraguan children despite our language barriers. -Katie Tymorek

Spending time at the college retreat and seeing the strength and determination the students have. -Konah Williams

Immersing myself in the culture has given great insight into what the Lord is calling us to do. -Tamar  La Mar

In serving as a team and, in turn, being served by our Nica friends, I have been humbled and amazed at how God will use whatever talents, gifts, time or resources we are willing to offer to Him, as we strive to bring glory and honor to His name. -Zach Graham

God has opened doors this week in unlikely places that truly amaze me. Those doors could have only been opened by Him. – Jamie Steiner

The unmistakable joy amidst the heart wrenching poverty has impacted my mindset on what true richness means. -Cayla Tait

Even though Nicaraguans have a very different culture and language, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and worship the same Gracious God. -Brett

Though our circumstances and the conditions of our lives differ and change, the love for, and desire to serve God and others is the same as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ seeking to glorify Him. – Christopher Brown

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