What it means to sponsor a student

Here are some thoughts and images of the Nicaragua team meeting their sponsor students for the first time.

Morgan West
Meeting my sponsor child allowed me to feel honored that God would give me that much responsibility to influence such a precious life.

Brett Glover
It was both eye-opening and humbling to see how much of an impact I have made in my sponsor child’s life, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to meet and form a relationship with her.


Taylor Miles
While in Nicaragua, I felt God called me to sponsor a college student, and it was His will that allowed me to connect with my student and begin to form a strong relationship with her. This has truly changed my life in the most positive way.

Jessica Elish
Deciding to sponsor a child while I was in Nicaragua and then meeting her and seeing where she lives was one of the most impactful things God has blessed me with. I cannot wait to begin forming a better relationship with her when I go back again.

Jamie Steiner
Upon meeting my dad’s college student he is sponsoring, I immediately felt the strong connection of a brother that I look forward to hanging out with again.

Caitlyn Alvar
It was amazing to be able to spend the whole day getting to know my sponsor child and see firsthand how God’s love truly transcends language, culture and socioeconomic barriers. While I became a sponsor hoping to make a difference in her life, she has already impacted my life more than I could have imagined.


Cayla Tait
The experience of meeting my sponsor child for the first time allowed me to visibly see how such a small monthly donation has a huge impact on a child’s education and overall health.

Zach Graham
Spending some quality time getting to know the girl I am sponsoring reminded me, and continues to remind me, just how practical God’s love can be when we allow Him to work through us.

Christopher Brown
Meeting my sponsored student for the first time felt like seeing a very close friend, and it made me realize that when sponsoring a student, you may not just be changing a situation for the better, but God can also use it to transform lives for the better as well.


Katie Tymorek
I’m so grateful that God is using me to help make a difference in this little girl’s life. I cannot wait to develop a great relationship with her.

Konah Williams
Spending the day with my sponsor child showed me how far a little time and dedication can go. Seeing his eyes light up at all the little things I would have taken for granted as a child made me want to be a better steward of the resources God has blessed me with so I can continue sharing my blessings with others.

Sponsoring a student connects cultures, builds bonds through language differences, and crosses oceans, all flowing from the love of Christ and His power working through us.

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