Jamaica – June 2015 – Days 1 & 2

We’ve had an exciting first couple of days! Our travel day (Saturday) was full of those situations that add character to your travel experience. This rookie team handled our character-building travel experiences like old pros! We finally made it safely to the mission house super-early Sunday morning, but sadly we’re still waiting on our luggage to catch up. Thankfully, it has made it to the island, and is theoretically on its way.

Regardless of the trials we had on Saturday, we were blessed with opportunities to share with airport workers and patiently-waiting displaced passengers about what we’ll be doing on our journey. Kathleen, thank you for all of your help and hard work yesterday, and I pray that you do get to take your family on a mission trip someday.

2015-06-14 - Jamaica STM - FieldPostedSmall-1

2015-06-14 - Jamaica STM - FieldPostedSmall-2

Sunday provided a new day. We awoke to an absolutely beautiful day in Jamaica, and got to show the team all of the cool stuff they missed when we arrived in the dark early hours of the morning. Later in the morning, we were blessed to worship with new friends at Clonmel Baptist Church, where we get to help teach vacation bible school this week. In the afternoon, we got to celebrate birthdays with the girls over at Pringle Girls Home, and then play games outside until dinner time.

2015-06-14 - Jamaica STM - FieldPostedSmall-3

2015-06-14 - Jamaica STM - FieldPostedSmall-4

All-in-all, it has been a fantastic weekend, and we’re looking forward to getting started over at RAISE – Jamaica tomorrow morning. Please stay tuned for daily updates from the field, and thanks for following our adventures!

(Last-minute update: our luggage just arrived, while I was finishing this post, so all of our gear and supplies made it! That will make tomorrow a little easier!)

2 responses to “Jamaica – June 2015 – Days 1 & 2

  • Kaicey

    Sorry to hear you have had a hard start but seems like you all did a great job staying positive and not getting discouraged! Miss being there ! Tell everyone hi!

  • Luanne Jelm-Eickholtz

    You are all in my prayers! God will surely touch lives through all of you!

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