Jamaica – June 2015 – Day 3

What a blessed day we have had today! Our luggage arrived late last night (around 11 pm) and we were all ecstatic to change out of our sweaty, green shirts. After stuffing ourselves with pancakes, the team headed out to work on RAISE. Our project is to build a produce storage facility for the RAISE farm. The day was absolutely beautiful and the sun was definitely shining. Luckily, all of us brought a significant amount of sunscreen for protection. DSC02623

Even though the work was challenging with the hotness of the sun, we all remained positive with the physical limitations. It is a blessing that we were all able to remain hydrated. We worked for about three hours in the morning, stopped for lunch, and then returned back to RAISE for another 2 hours where we made a lot of progress. DSC02629 2015-06-15 - Jamaica STM - FieldPostedSmall-1

Four members of the team left for Vacation Bible School at Clonmel Baptist Church while the rest continued to aid in the project at RAISE. We started with about 15 kids and by the end of service, we ended with about 30. Our goal was to teach the children the first 5 books of the Old Testament and to pose questions about the Bible itself. The kids enjoyed singing the Bible songs, especially Father Abraham. After our lesson, the team and children went outside to play soccer and to socialize. It was so nice running around and playing with the children- their smiles are contagious. DSC02652 DSC02648

Lastly, we ended our night with entertainment!! Some of the staff here at CSI Ministries were able to share some of their culture with us by singing. The melodies and sounds were amazing, and we all felt the presence of God as encouraging music flowed through our ears. It was a beautiful way to end the night. – Nikki

(P.S. – Sorry, internet has been a little spotty, so we’re running behind on our posts. Should be caught up tomorrow!)

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