Day 1 – Arrival to Nicaragua

We made it to Nicaragua successfully! It also looks like you made it to our blog, probably following a loved one during our time in Managua. After a morning full of travel (and almost missing our flight because we couldn’t hear), we made it to La Quinta to get unpacked and settled. Then we loaded up onto the bus for a tour of the city, which was a special treat for us. We took the bus to the top of a big hill, where we got to overlook the landscape. It was definitely a unique experience, as it put the whole city in perspective for newcomers and returners alike. As breezes wafted over the plains, love was in the air, as this is a popular Nicaraguan date spot. After a history lesson, we hopped back on the bus to travel down to the lakeside, where we saw a replica of Managua before the big earthquake on December 23, 1972. Next, we visited a big town square. Here, we saw the Nicaraguan President’s office. Also on the town square was an old Catholic church that was damaged after the earthquake. As we trekked around Managua in our matching green shirts, we enjoyed the downtime together as we ramp up for the week. As the day was coming to an end, we practiced a new ribbon dance, which we will preform later this week.

Prayers for a safe week an easy transition for the whole team would be greatly appreciated!


One response to “Day 1 – Arrival to Nicaragua

  • Kimberly Graham

    Gloria Graham – Your brothers and I are so very excited for you being able to love and serve on this trip!! Praying for you all to have many amazing God-filled moments! We are looking forward to following these posts and enjoying your week with you. Grandma took her computer on vacation with Zeke. I forwarded the email to her so they can follow you too! ❤ Blessings to all!

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