Day 2 – Church & Prep

Happy Father’s Day to all of our dads at home (and in Nicaragua)! Even though it wasn’t a school day, we had plenty of preparation to do for the week. We started the day by going to Pastor Oscar’s church, which is connected to Rey Salomon school. We could definitely feel the heat in the church rise to over 100° as the church congregation sang a rousing rendition of “Fuego, Fuego, Fuego” (Fire, Fire, Fire). Pastor Oscar talked about Sampson and how he fell into sin, yet God continued to give him grace. He told us about how sin can slowly creep into our lives. No matter what our role or job is here, we need to make sure that we are keeping Him in the center of it. It doesn’t matter if we are a judge, teacher, or pastor, Jesus should be the focus of everything we do. While at church, we also got to see a family dedication and were able to share the Spanish songs we have been preparing for quite a while.

On the way back from church, we got to see a drag racing event from the bus. It was neat to see how much of the community came together for a common purpose.

After church, we came back to La Quinta, but this was definitely not the end of our day. A large group headed over to one of Dr. Carla’s new clinics to start cleaning the building to prepare for a move. Lots of hard (and dirty) work was done as standing water was removed, walls were cleaned, grass was removed, floors were scrubbed, and much more. La Quinta was still busy as the teachers on our team got everything ready for our teacher integration day tomorrow. The teachers at the schools will come together to get to know each other through a day full of activities.

As the day winded down, we met on the porch for a chat in the rocking chairs. We bonded over a game of musical hats, which is the same as musical chairs, but with funny hats. FRANÇOIS won. 😦

Prayers for health, energy, and restedness for the team would be greatly appreciated!

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