Day 3 – Teacher Integration & Clinic Work

What a full day! After rolling out of bed for a 6:30am devotional on the porch, we loaded up the bus and headed out. The main focus of the day was teacher integration. Many new teachers have come to the two schools recently, and they needed some time to get to know teachers from the school that they don’t teach at.

Pastor Oscar started the morning with worship and a devotional, which was a very impactful event for many of our teammates. Several teachers and members of the team stood up and gave their testimony, which helped bring us together by celebrating triumphs from God and also coming to Him in the “valleys” of our lives. Pastor Oscar taught us about the gifts that were given to us, and emphasized that we should be using these gifts to bring God glory.

The teachers worked on a beautiful pen and penholder craft while getting to know each other at Rey Solomon. Laughter and competition continued to unite the teachers as we played Dance Charades. We found out that Francois was not limited to just singing in the musical arena, but he can now also DJ!

For lunch, we got to treat the teachers to a local restaurant, called Pupusas. Here, El Salvadorian food gave us a more casual time to mingle. The next and final stop (for some of the team) was Los Brasiles (the other school for the students with special needs). Others went to the clinic to continue the work that needed to be done.

Those who went to the clinic were amazed by the transformation they saw in only two short days. When they arrived at the clinic yesterday, it was quite the mess. After lots of hard work, patience, and sweat, the team was able to move in some furniture today! Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the laborious tasks at hand here in Nicaragua, but God works in amazing ways. He occasionally lets us take a step back and see how He is using us to come alongside the Nicaraguans.

Back at the school, fun was combined with some serious time. Several lighthearted activities were accompanied by a prayer chain, teacher prayer/poem, and lesson for the book The Giving Tree. Remarkably, the lesson was almost exactly the same as Pastor Oscar’s message. Sometimes God works in very unexpected ways!

After an afternoon without power (and therefore fans) at Los Brasiles and work at the clinic, the team reunited at La Quinta to enjoy dinner and some porch time together. We talked about our highs and lows of the day, which was a nice way to learn about all of the special experiences of the day. Wendy was able to reconnect with her sponsor child. Gloria was able to connect with parents of a young boy who she had been coloring with. Peter said that he liked spreading the Word to others. Barri loved seeing the transformation in the clinic. Carol was moved by the testimonies shared that morning. Luci told us that she was able to see how well our team collaborated with the Nicaraguans despite a language barrier. The list goes on and on!

We appreciate your prayers for the team, and we hope that you continue to do so! We saw some improvement of health today, so God is definitely watching over us.
Today, we would like prayers for continued health, a smooth day tomorrow, and for the remarkable facilitators that we work with daily.

See ya tomorrow!

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