A Special Visit

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of spending the week at Camp Allendale helping out on the worship team. For a lot of the time I tagged along with a group that Jada and Mason Brooks were in. It was fun getting to talk to them about Kenya. They live there with their parents as full-time missionaries, and right now are spending some time in the United States and then are returning to Kenya. Jada told me how much she missed her dogs, Hoosier and Indy, and requested that if possible we go see them….and we got to!! It was a blast. Definitely a bonus to our day. This is for you, Jada!!


image image image

One response to “A Special Visit

  • Helen Follett

    There are many different ways to support our missionaries. Letting them know their pets are happy, healthy, and loved is not the least of those.

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