We Saw Hope

As we completed our orientation on Monday, we were given a tour of Area 1 (aka Pangani). Our team was split into to two groups to go out and walk thru the community. Here are some of the things that we observed:

There were large groups of people from the community wearing green shirts picking up trash. We had the chance to talk with a few of them and they shared how proud they were to be working in their community to clean it up. They even had us help them plant some trees and shrubs, which was part of the government effort to put students to work by cleaning up and improving their area. Where there was once a mound of trash their Is now a clean walk way and even a road for cars to drive on.

We were able to go into a home and pray for a woman that had just lost her mother the prior day. She was so thankful that we took the time to pray with her.

Our guides were MOHI Social Workers. As we walked along it was clear that our Guides were highly respected in the community. They represented hope in the community.

We also were “mobbed” be groups of small children. They just wanted to hold our hands and in some cases our legs, hands, or part of our clothes they grab on to and then walked with us for most of our tour. They never asked for anything they just wanted to walk with us.

We were able to look beyond their living conditions and see joyful, happy and hopeful people living in the Pangani community.

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