We “Wrecked the Roof” today – Kenya

If yesterday was a day of hope, today, Tuesday, was a day of amazing fellowship.

The best part of the day was when we went to 2 homes in the Bondeni community to “Bring the Light”. This is when we go into a home to share the gospel and add a skylight to their dimly lit homes. The first home we went into, there was a woman, Beatrice, who was already a Christian with 2 small children, one of them a newborn. After talking with her and doing some health education, we were just about to leave, and then her husband Ron showed up. Kevin, the social worker, talked with him some before he came into the home. Ron had been going to church but was not saved. When he entered the home and was asked if he wanted to be saved, he readily agreed that he was ready if we would pray with him. What a joy it was to pray with him and for him and his family. Not only in celebration of his decision but also for their struggle finding work. So we can definitely say we wrecked the roof for Ron today (reference the sermon series).

This morning we spent time with the Bondeni teachers sharing teaching techniques and struggles, which at one point turned into singing the alphabet song, as well as others, which was entertaining for all.

Then we got to meet and deliver gifts for the younger sponsored children. By the time we had played jump rope and got to eat lunch, the ice had definitely been broken.

After going out into the community that afternoon, and paying a visit to the Brooks’ dogs while they are on furlough, we then went to Wallace and Mary Kamau’s home for dinner. After dinner, we were sharing our thoughts on our experiences so far and what had brought us here. It was such a blessing to share with them the wonderful time we were having, as well as how dedicated and talented and loving their entire staff was. The staff of MOHI is truly beyond amazing at sharing the love of Jesus with these communities who need that hope. Mary made the point that we are all a piece of the puzzle, as we made the connection that one of our team members was here because of Emelio, who introduced Mary to Mathare Valley, giving a talk last Father’s Day at our church.

Another aspect of the fellowship today was that Westside Church from Springfield, IL who are 1 of the 3 churches that sponsor Bondeni and are also here serving this week by doing VBS. So we have gotten to know them, particularly at the Kamau’s.

A long, but amazing day.

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