Day 4 & 5 – Busy Days!

We’re back! Yesterday was a very long and busy day for our team. It started out with teaching the morning kids with special needs about the giving tree and how we should all use the gifts and talents that God gives to us to glorify His kingdom. The children enjoyed all of the crafts, snacks, and activities that kept them busy. During this time in class we were able to update pictures of students with special needs for current or future sponsors.
In the afternoon we got the chance to repeat these activities with the older students with special needs. Throughout the day teachers on our team were able to observe the students and give the Nicaraguan teachers ideas about how to work through different students’ behaviors. It was great to watch the Nicaraguan teachers and our team teachers get to share their ideas with each other.
We were able to end the day with going to Pastor Wilbur’s church. This is also TPCC’s sister church in Nicaragua, which makes it even more special to visit during our time here this week. After listening to a few of the congregational singers we were able to perform a ribbon dance that we have been preparing throughout the week. Let’s just say the five guys from our team really got into it. This was followed by our team singing two songs in Spanish for the Nicaraguans: Gloria a Dios and Grande Para Salvar. During those songs the congregation even got the chance to join in. Ending the service yesterday, Francois shared a moving testimony, which was followed by Peter doing a dance to “I Can Only Imagine”. The song and dance spoke to everybody and almost the entire congregation was in tears. Francois shared a story about how the special needs program has changed him and brought him closer to God. The common message for this week has been that God has blessed everyone with gifts and we have to remember to use them.
Thank you for continuing to pray for our team. Prayers for good health and safety are all appreciated!

Today was our last day serving the children and their families at Rey Salomon.We started out the day by leading a new set of rotation stations for the special needs students. We continued the lesson of giving and we read The Giving Tree to exemplify the message. We decided to do a musical craft, which included making tambourines and maracas with the afternoon students. All of the students enjoyed getting to make these instruments- and play them! The class had fun getting their own band together to make music.
Later that afternoon, we got the chance to play with the students who were on break in the courtyard. We had of free time to make many new amigos and bring more smiles to their day. While part of our team worked with the students, our team teachers got to review more behavioral strategies with the Nicaraguan teachers. Our team loved getting to collaborate with the Nicaraguan team and really create a sense of family between the two sets of teachers.
At the end of the day, the team leaders and a few teachers met with the parents of the Rey Salomon students to share encouraging words and messages of hope and prayer with each other.
We ended our night with a devotional on the porch and got to share our amazing God-filled moments from the day. Many team members had moving stories to share.
Please pray for our health and safety as we continue our week here in Nicaragua!

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