Unfortunately It’s Friday – But We Still Thank God

It seems surreal that it is already Friday and we had to say our goodbye’s to the children and staff of MOHI’s Bondeni Center. Just a few days ago, we sat in orientation class with Lynn “the lovely one” as she prepared us for the work we would be doing in the Mathare Valley.

In our last few blogs, we have tried to share with you glimpses of what we have experienced as we walked the streets of Bondeni. We have been greeted by the children’s choruses of “how are you”; we have shared the gospel with souls hungry for the word, brought the light to families in darkness, and bonded with teachers and CHE workers over Chai tea and mendazi’s.

Some things have been hard to see and hear but God’s grace strengthened our hearts through it all. Today, we met a wonderful mother whose son has been wrongfully imprisoned for the past 11 years. We were able to pray for her and her son and listen as the MOHI social worker talked with her about how to help her family. Also, our prayers and yours for God’s work to be accomplished continue to be answered in a mighty way. As a result of our evangelism walk, four people gave their lives to Christ. MOHI workers will be following up with each of them and they have been invited to Sunday service at Bondeni Church. We hope to see them there.

As we mentioned previously, at the end of each day, we share our roses and thorns with one another. Today more than any other we were blessed with so many roses that we can’t share them all here. But here are just a few:
– seeing the social workers love on the people developing trust that cultivates fertile ground for planting seeds of faith;
– our team working together to share the gospel working as the body of Christ is meant to;
– our farewell from the Bondeni family – There was fellowship, celebration, cake, dancing, singing, laughter and tears.

It is hard to explain how it happened so quickly but each of us have fallen in love with the people of the Mathare Valley. Our only thorn today is that our time at the Bondeni Center has come to an end.

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