End of the Week – Day 6 & 7

Day 6

As soon as I say we have had a long and packed day, I am impressed by how much we can fit into the next one. We spent this day at Los Brasiles, the other school we serve. First, we loaded all of the kids up on the bus and headed to a large park in the middle of Managua. It might’ve been hot, but we had a lot of fun getting to hang out with the kiddos. After lots of climbing, coloring, and bubbles, we headed back to the ministry center to do some food distribution to families.

While some of the team stayed to help with rotation stations based on The Giving Tree, others went to do some dirty work. We needed a space to do the parent meeting at Los Brasiles, and the location needed TLC! Some brave volunteers endured the dirt clouds as they swept the space, then we were able to invite the parents in to share a little bit about our purpose and spend some time glorifying Him.

Afterwards, all of the parents, kids, and team members enjoyed a huge meal together, prepared by the staff at La Quinta. The ladies in the kitchen definitely keep us well fed!

If you didn’t think we could fit another activity in the day, we did! We ended the day with a movie night (and a lot of glow sticks)! It was great to see the kiddos let loose and have an impromptu dance party among lots of other fun activities.

At the end of the day, we were all very very tired, but I think each of us left with something special and unique in our hearts. With so much going on, each of us had a very different experience but all were according to God’s plan. Throughout the trip as a whole, each team member experienced something special that they will take home with him or her. Each year, we talk about how difficult the transition to home is. So for those of you at home, be patient with us as we try to explain what we experienced here as we sweated, cried, and served together.

Day 7

So today was our last day, but this does not mean that we were quite ready to pack up and call it quits. After a quick trip to the market, we picked up the kids we sponsor to take them on a special outing. After lunch at Pizza Hut, we visited the local zoo. The love between the sponsored kids and the team members was extremely evident. Francois highlighted tonight at our last “porch time” that these families really bring us in as one of their own.

As we wrapped up the week in the rocking chairs on the porch, we reflected on what we have seen and what is to come. The special moments that people had on this trip brought tears to our eyes. The way God works is so often unexpected but always perfect. Each of these team members brought something unique yet vital to the team, and it was truly a team that was put together purely by God. He calls us each to Nicaragua for different reasons, yet we have really come together as one. This week has seen people bond more quickly than you could ever imagine through testimonies, laughter, awkwardness, lack of sleep, and heavy hearts. Putting the friendship into words for this blog is truly difficult. Thank you so much to those here in Nicaragua that made this possible and to those back at home who sent us off and steadfastly prayed for us.

Our last prayer request is for safe travels as we head back to the states, and for a smooth transition back into our day-to-day lives.

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