It’s All About the Monkey Business

Today we went to Joska, and to put into one sentence, all we can say is “It was amazing!” MOHI has two boarding schools one in Joska for girls and the other in Ndivoini for boys. We were able to tour them both. It is incredible to see how MOHI and their schools are blessing these students. They come from crowded and difficult situations to open-aired and beautiful campuses. God is surely touching their lives in so many ways.

Whenever we would meet the students, whether in the classroom or outside, they were so curious about us. They really wanted to learn about us. One question was common….”what is your talent?” We had singing and dancing…and some other unusual ones…including a monkey/chimp scream. Our fearless leader, Eric, surely created a new source of entertainment for the kids, that’s for certain! Soon they were responding with monkey calls of their own.

To conclude our day at Joska, we saw a presentation from the girls. They started with praise and worship. Four girls led all of us – it was beautiful. The mass of voices gave us a taste of Heaven. Seeing the young teens step up and lead in that way was so encouraging. All of the students know Jesus in such a deep way – just being around them was a light.

After a week of getting to know the students and staff of some of the MOHI schools, we are looking forward to spending time with them at church in Bondeni tomorrow.

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