Haiti – June 2015 / Day 1

Posted by Penny

Hello Traders Point and others,

We are once again in Haiti. However, God began answering our prayers long before we left Indianapolis.

While checking in at the airport, we were informed of a summer embargo regarding plastic bins being transported to Haiti. Looking at the nine bins of supplies which we had so carefully packed less than a week before, a look of shock registered on all of our faces. We began simultaneously praying and wondering where at this point we could purchase cheap luggage. As Shelley continued asking questions, the ticket agent again referred to a notice which stated no plastic bins allowed in Port Au Prince. At once, Shelley picked up on this minor difference informing the ticket agent that we were not traveling to Port Au Prince, but to Cap Haitian. The ticket agent relented and allowed us to check in the bins. Our attention to detail continued to pay off, as one bin weighed 50.5 lbs and one bin exactly 50 lbs. We all firmly, completely and faithfully knew that God’s will would not be denied. We, the bins, and most importantly -the new water pump, all made it to Haiti without further incident.

Upon arriving in Haiti, our usual ‘chariot’, (a pick up truck with wooden benches in the back) was waiting to take us to lunch and finally to the Caracol Mission House. How wonderful it was to unpack while listening to the Creole praise and worship in progress at the church.

During our nightly devotion, before preparing for bed, we continually thanked and praised God for his intervention earlier, knowing this was only the beginning of experiencing God’s glory.

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