Haiti – June 2015 / Day 2

Posted by Penny

Again this morning, we did not have long to wait before seeing God’s glory. Being the only male in our group this time, many prayers had been said for Mark, as this added to his responsibilities.

Mark was up early, reading the instructions to begin replacing the water pump which we had brought with us. Mark was as focused as any general preparing for battle. He sat with his morning cup of coffee, instructions and parts laid out before him preparing his strategy. He realized one of the ‘thingamajigs’ was the wrong size! Now changing strategies, knowing how desperately we needed water, Mark began to wonder: “Could he get to Cap Haitian for a new part?” Could he use duct tape?”

We all prayed, remembering that only yesterday, God had allowed us to bring in all of our bins. We knew God would provide Mark with whatever resources were needed. Lo and behold reinforcements arrived! Terneil (?) (also lovingly known as Toenail) and Mesidia (?) arrived to install the pump for us. We had no idea they were coming. They were able to use parts from the old pump and had our new pump installed in time for us to enjoy a morning shower!

After breakfast (and showers of course) we decided to do a prayer walk through New Hope Village. Yesterday, while in route to Caracol, we had noticed a mosque had been built next to the New Hope Village. We wanted to especially pray for this area and encourage the residents to remain faithful to God and not fall prey to false teachings.

Our first stop was at he home of Brutus, who lives in New Hope Village. Brutus is an active member of the Caracol Mission and The Church of the Redeemer, as well as an active member of CHE. After praying for Brutus, his home and family (wife expecting baby #4), we began walking through the village. Along the way, we also came upon the home of Cherlie, a lost member of the church. We prayed with and for Cherlie and encouraged her to return and spent time just expressing our love for her. After touring the school, we began to realize that maybe noon, was not the best time of day to conduct a prayer walk in Haiti. As we began wilting in the sweltering sun, the now very warm water in our water bottles had ceased to become refreshing. Beckie, Barb, Shelley and Penny were fading fast. Yet Lindsey and Mark seemed to have a little something extra in their water bottles for they did not appear nearly as affected as we were. Mark, wisely decided to head back to Caracol before a revolt began. (Note to future groups-think twice before conducting prayer walks at noon while in Haiti.)

After lunch and a nap, we headed next door to the orphanage. The girls were thoroughly fascinated with the kaleidoscope they received. The girls’ personalities came alive as they showed off their jump rope skills for us. The joy and laughter in their smiling faces came shining through as Beckie and Shelley took pictures.

After dinner and devotion, we more grateful than ever for working showers as we readied for bed.

One response to “Haiti – June 2015 / Day 2

  • Vince Parker

    Thank you for praying, for God indeed answers prayer. Glad to hear you now have flowing water in addition to Living Water!

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