Haiti – June 2015 / Day 3

Posted by Barb

Sunday, a day of worship and rest. Church here at the Caracol mission always feels like coming home to me. Praise and worship are a universal language along with smiles, hugs, love, math and music. Although we cannot understand the words the melodies are comfortingly familiar and I find myself singing along. The prayers and the preaching although in an unfamiliar tongue retain the intonations, the cadences, the exhortations common to all shepherds encouraging and leading their flock leaving no doubt what is being communicated. This particular morning our team leader, Mark, gave the message with interpretation from Pastor Payot. It was well received as he spoke of God’s grace and challenged them to be God’s light in Caracol. An all church meal followed providing time for fellowship and renewing of friendships. During the afternoon music and singing could be heard coming from the church and open classrooms of the school.

We had planned on attending evening service at the church by the tree, but God had other plans. The leadership/CHE meeting took place with much time for sharing, discussion and planning. Devotions on the roof by moonlight were a welcome way to close The Lord’s Day with singing, thanks to God and prayers of gratitude praise for all His blessings. The question we considered stuck with me as we retired for the night. It asked what we have in common with the people of Haiti? My answer was pretty much everything. Although language, food, style of dress and other customs may differ, at our core we share the essential intangibles which define our humanness. We’re created in God’s image, created for relationship with Him and with each other. We desire safe communities in which to raise our children, meaningful work to do, friendship, health for ourselves and our loved ones, freedom to worship without fear and peace in our world. Though we look different on the outside God sees us all the same because He sees us from the inside. We are more alike than different.

Our Haitian brothers and sisters take such good care of us. Our driver, our interpreters, those that cook for us, those that make sure we have water, those that even do our laundry all serve as unto the Lord. We come here to serve and we are served, we come here to encourage and we are encouraged, we come here to teach and we are taught, we come here to give and we receive, we come here to bless and we are blessed. This is how God’s kingdom works. And so the close of another day in God’s kingdom.

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