Haiti – June 2015 / Day 7

Herve and local girls making popcorn for 'Movie Night'.

Herve and local girls making popcorn for ‘Movie Night’.

Posted by Penny

Our plan on Thursday was to awaken early for breakfast and morning devotion in order walk through the village of Caracol conducting benevolence visits.

Our first stop was at the home of Christina. Christina is an elderly Haitian woman, a devoted follower of Christ and attends The Church of The Redeemer in Caracol. She lives in a house, such as many, built of tree branches with a dirt floor. Christina invited us into her home to pray for her. Her house is positioned in such a way that each time it rains, her home floods. Men in Action, a group of men from the church, recognized that they would be remiss in their duties, as men of God, to allow Christina to live in this manner. Men in Action have begun to build her a new house, bearing all of the costs of labor and materials themselves. Another example of being poor in material wealth, but so rich in the Holy Spirit honoring the word of God.

Throughout our benevolence walk, we visited more homes, including that of a blind woman and more elderly women. At each home, we were invited in to pray. Though praying for others, our faith is continually being strengthened seeing the strength and faith of those who live here.

We did not start out as early as we intended, so as you can guess – again, we are walking the streets of Haiti in the midday sun.

Today we learned from Pastor Payot that he had identified a member of the church as being a sound candidate to attend the local seminary. This individual is none other than our own beloved Herve. Herve has long been a faithful steward to The Church of The Redeemer, an interpeter for the mission teams and a general assistant for whatever is needed. However many do not know Herve’s story. Herve is the third of nine children. His father died while Herve was still a young child. Although we are well aware of the poverty which exists in Haiti, we can only imagine what Herve has endured as a child of a widow with nine children in Caracol. Herve was not able to attend the University in Caracol as his limited resources are needed to help his brothers, two of whom are never far from his side, Gerald and Watson. Yet, Herve taught himself to speak English. Without any formal training, Herve has already led many in the Caracol community to Christ and is always willing to pray for others. Now we pray that Herve will be able to attend seminary and continue in his call to discipleship.

Returning to the mission, we have lunch, but not much rest, as tonight is movie night in Caracol! The children look forward to a Bible lesson followed by popcorn and a movie. This time, Penny conducted the lesson on Noah’s Ark. Penny’s dramatic and colorful presentation was equally demonstrated by Aly as he translated in Creole. The children eagerly participated and many prayed the Prayer of Salvation following the lesson.

As we complete our day with our nightly devotion, another day comes to an end, leaving us full in the Spirit.

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